1. new sizes available in my print shop!

    Date 04 Feb 2017
    I’m now offering all my limited edition prints in two additional sizes.  medium (8” x 12”) and small (5” x 7”).  these two smaller sizes offer all the mystery and surreal imagery of my larger prints, just in a smaller stature and with a smaller price tag as well.  most starting at…

  2. flood of illumination - my newest work

    Date 08 Nov 2016
    fire meets water and they create a uniona flood of illumination I’m so excited to share with you my newest image “flood of illumination”.  it’s a story that’s been a long time in the making. waiting for the elements to be just right and then to be captured it in all it’s…

  3. inside art - sign up!

    Date 23 Sep 2016
    welcome to my new art folio:  inside art.   it’s part newlsetter, part art magazine arriving direct to your inbox on a bi-monthly basis~ .  .  . please sign up to receive issues of my newsletter; inside art.   I’ll be producing a fresh edition of inside art every couple of months or…

  4. welcome to my new shop!

    Date 17 Sep 2016
    now you can purchase prints directly from my website via my new shop! all of the images contained within the galleries of my website are available for purchase via my online shop which is located under the invest in art tab of my website. my limited edition, signed and numbered prints are currently available in two…

  5. image editing tips

    Date 15 Aug 2016
    I’ve created a few “how to” editing videos I’d like to share with you all.  I’ve learned plenty from watching YouTube videos and teaching myself to edit so I thought maybe these videos will help someone else learn to do something new just like I did. if there is something…

  6. art + words = blog

    Date 14 Aug 2016
    In an effort to somewhat refresh my brand I’m launching a new blog right here on my website I want to use this space as I wanted to use my last blog but never really ended up doing so.  I want to share ideas and inspirations, great finds and new…

  7. my fave shooting locations

    Date 14 Aug 2016
    A photographer’s favorite locations to shoot can be highly regarded secrets. Ask where a particular image was shot at and they clam up, maybe give a vague reference to some point or another. Well I’m going to share with you my favorite locations to shoot which happen to be free and…

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